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Why you should play poker

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Many novice players from time to time ask the question “Why people play poker? What is the point? ” The answer is quite simple. People play poker not only because it is fun, but also this is an intellectual competition, they test their intelligence. This is a game of mental stimulation and skill improvement, where there is no end goal, and players can earn hundreds, thousands and even millions of dollars thanks to their intelligence and good fortune. But above all, poker is for fun and money making.
Making money at poker
The first obvious answer to the question “Why do people play poker?” is, of course, money. And although this is a common game for fun, as trite it sounds, most people start playing poker to win money. And although one good player can constantly lose in a single game, in the end, according to the results of several games, he will be in profit. Any successful poker player confirms this.
Luck in poker matters only in the short run, in the long run, it all depends on the experience and knowledge accumulated by a player. Therefore, if desired, any player can earn by playing poker. Some spend a few hours per week to the game, and for some, poker is their regular job.
Earnings in poker is not an easy task and require extraordinary exposure and considerable effort from the player.
Intellectual motivation
The second reason why people play poker is intellectual motivation. To play poker successfully, you need to be professional in math, psychology, acting, etc. You must read your opponents, hide your emotions, come up with complex moves, etc. For this reason, poker is such an exciting and addictive game that allows you to develop your intellectual level.
Social aspect
People can gather at home in the company and spend time pleasantly, playing and talking. For some people, poker is a kind of tradition. In the tournament game, you can meet new friends. In online poker, you can also communicate with people from different continents, learn many new things, as well as make new friends.