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Why should every poker player think about purchasing Hold’em Manager 2

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Functionality of the program
The software is a multifunctional tool, characterized by high processing speed and a relatively simple interface. Among the main functions of the program, you should pay attention to the following:
– Start page. There are sections with the necessary information on the settings of HM2 and software operation, widgets, tools for synchronization with the client program of the poker room, a poker calculator for calculating equity and a section in which the player can observe his own performance.
– Reports. In this tab, the user can view statistical reports regarding cash games and tournaments. Information may be submitted in tabular, text or video format.
– Active sessions. Graphics or tabular reports allow the player to see all the information relating to the period of participation in the distribution of interest.
– Opponents. With this tab, the player can see the extensive statistics on the opponents in the distribution, in which he participates at that moment.
– Hand player. This feature can be activated from any tab. The player transmits a video of the requested time while demonstrating all the statistical indicators necessary for the analysis.
– HUD. The main functional element of the program that displays the statistics during the distribution, bringing it to the table where the game is going. For each player, you can view more detailed information in the pop-up window.
Additional tools
In addition to Holdem Manager 2, you can download several additional programs, due to which the software becomes much wider in terms of functionality:
– Leak Buster – analyzes the game of the user and the search for errors that have the greatest impact on the result.
– Table Ninja – using the settings, the application allows you to automate a specific set of user actions during simultaneous play at several tables.
– Table Scanner – looks for the most optimal tables for the player.
– Note Caddy – creates notes to the user’s rivals automatically.
– Sit-N-Go Wizard – performs the functions of a tournament simulator.
– Tilt Breaker – makes an assessment of the player’s actions, determining the tilt approximation, blocks access to the game or new limits in the presence of alarms.